Granny Gang *Custom Eyeglass or Mask Chain

Granny Gang *Custom Eyeglass or Mask Chain

Don't want to lose your glasses or mask on a wild ride? Sick of fumbling through your purse to find bent frames tangled in melted gum? Dropping your masks on the ground while you're struggling to get in the car? Granny Gang chains are your solution. Each Granny Gang Chain is handmade and customized to fit your style needs. Not your typical granny chain, Granny Gang's are Instagram approved.


This listing is for Grannies custom made for you, so each one will have artistic details aside from the options you choose. Choose from the Mask chain or Eyeglass/Sunny chain, and then choose the options you'd prefer. If you’d like a specific option that you can’t choose on here, message me through the site, and I will tell you how to order! Xoxo

  • Bead malfunction

    If for some reason, your beads don't hold up--they get snagged, you get too wild, they get snatched on that Harry Potter you're reading for the 19th time--don't fret! Save the ones you can, message me, and return them to me, so I can remake your chain for free! 

Color: Choose a Primary color
Cord Color/Accent Color
Secondary Color