I make custom Granny Gang Eyeglass, Sunglass, and Mask Chains for those people who need a little help keeping track of the important day-to-day things (I am one of them, so don't feel bad!)! Browse the shop and keep in touch! xoxo, Rachel



Baltimore, MD, USA

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I might be boring, but I make myself laugh. 

Laughter is important for a few reasons. The first is because it keeps the med spas open and the Botox flowin’. The second is because a playback of yourself doing it will really humble you knowing how ungodly you sound and look.  Third, it keeps your heart rate up, and since my hubs is going to be a doc, I can basically prescribe it as exercise. Also, I would just really rather have a good time than dwell on all the things I mess up in a day! I’m only human, okay. 

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